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Affordable. Efficient. eLearning. It's a mode of delivering learning and training content through digital resources. With these, learners can access cutting edge lessons that promotes the acquisition of professional goals at any time, anywhere, and with few restrictions, if any. Why? The resources are already found in the office and home: computers, tablets, smartphones--all of which are connected to the internet.

At Skrifa, we do eLearning Development to meet the needs of an "always-on" world. Once the client has approved and agreed upon the learning approach and delivery method, we launch the development of a prototype in easily accessible, web-based tools like Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. This demonstrates the template, branding, and prospects for videos, graphics, job aides--contingent once more on reviews and approvals. Then, all changes will be incorporated into the industry-leading, eLearning authoring tools: Articulate Rise and Storyline.

More rounds of reviews until we find Goldilocks. And then the launch, and then the magic.

Event Planning

Tools: Articulate 360 Storyline; Canva; Google Forms

Features: Personalized characters throughout this extensive, 5-section course lead the learner through the content. Scenario-based knowledge checks apply content to real world situations. Interactions include click-to-reveal, drag & drop, checklists, and more. Realia models documents for later use. A graded quiz at the end of each section guides learners to make correct choices and provide in-depth explanations.

Kitchenware Product Knowledge

Tools: Articulate 360 Storyline; Canva; Google Forms

Features: Content is applied through mini-scenarios, tab interactions, click to reveal interactions, labeled graphics, using strong realistic images for learner memory retention. Feedback layers show consequences for wrong choices. Correct choices are supplemented with positive reinforcement explanations.

Community Conduct

Tools: Articulate 360 Rise; Canva; Google Forms

Features: Content is applied through flip cards, accordion interactions, and content galleries. Images are sourced from organization's archived assets in order to reintroduce learners to graphic design available for future organization-based projects and campaigns.

Art of American Gothic

Tools: Articulate 360 Rise; Canva; Google Forms

Features: Rich, multimedia assets leads the learner through alternative lenses of college course content. Interactions include drag & drop, matching, checklists, and knowledge checks to analyze learner interpretations. No graded quizzes, rather a linked discussion forum to continue dialogue with course peers.