Skrifa Learning Design specializes in empowering learners through professional development. We create engaging, effective and artistically innovative learning solutions for clients across a wide variety of industries.

Founded by Britte Marsh, a learning design expert with 10 years experience in the education field, our learning solutions are custom curated to meet the needs of your organization, through the following services:


The Visions

We see you. Packing lunches at midnight, demystifying that error on the printer for the umpteenth time, squeezing in an hour at the gym (45 minutes if we're being honest...okay, 30.) Your "free time" is hardly free. And work time? A whole lot of ASAP's from a whole lot of stakeholders. It's a bit much. You may need help.

You have a vision for a better workplace: one where folks are well resourced to get where they're going. It's about finding a learning solution for to the challenges facing your organization. A learning solution that includes the right skills, at the right level, for the right audience, at the right time.

And!—is fun. Yes, folks learn more and retain more when the educational experience is engaging, interactive, and accessible. Here at Skrifa, we know that the stellar folks who make up your organization have encountered a diverse range of formal and informal educational experiences. Not everyone loved school. We validate that! Our 10 years of working in the education industry has demonstrated the imperative need to meet learners where they're at, and through culturally responsive practices. We design learning that informs, connects and empowers. More so The Band, less so The Wall.

We want you to have more time to do the things you love. We want this for your colleagues too. We'll design a learning solution that uplifts your workplace. We do this 'til we free us. We're ready, how about you?

The Verbs

We get it! Not everyone knows what "learning design" actually means. What services can we offer your organization, concretely? Here's what we do—actionable items on the daily, within the lifespan of projects for our clients. We call them "the verbs."