Hej! I'm Britte.

[pronounced Bri-tah 👂]

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me, the founding Instructional Designer at Skrifa LD.

I'm a writer. ✏️ Educator. 🍎 Second-gen Dane. 🇩🇰

Califegonian 🌞🌲 (that's Californian + Oregonian, all in one.)

Theatre maker. 🎭 Community organizer, mobilizer, leader. 🤝

I love learning!

  • noble epiphanies and humble discoveries

  • Certification in Instructional Design @ University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

  • Certification in eLearning Development @ the Applied Instructional Design Academy

  • Masters of Education (M.Ed) English Language Arts, Theatre Arts, & English as a Second Language @ Portland State University

  • BA Journalism & Critical Social Thought @ San Francisco State University

  • Hundreds (thousands?!) of hours of professional development—as a learner and as an instructor

Because, learning has taught me to be

Artistically innovative. Investigative, invested.

Engag-ed and engag-ing. Empower-ed and empower-ing.

A critical thinker. Culturally responsive.

Skilled. Really skilled.

I gotchu!

—And I'll prove it.

My decade+ of work experience serving learners across our wide and wonderful world:

  • across learning environments: companies, schools, government departments and agencies, NGOs

  • across linguistic and developmental abilities

  • across age groups—from five to 65

  • across media and mode of delivery: online, in person, on stage, in studio

In Oregon. 🌲 California. 🌞 Texas. 🐂

New York. 🗽 Washington D.C. 🗳️

Shanghai, China. 🧧 Istanbul, Turkey. 🧿 Alexandria, Egypt. 🔼

Where, You Are (next!) ⏭️

I know and believe that everybody--across race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, class, ability, religion, mother tongue, status--is capable of, is deserving of, a quality educational experience.

You too! You, definitely.

I gotchu. 🤝